An English Teacher in Tokyo and Yokohama area

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Bayside English offers you;
1. Workers' accident compensation insurance for free.
2. We pay for a lesson cancelled by a student's request in 24 hours before the lesson time.
(Except for a cancellation caused by the natural calamity. )
3. High hourly wage(4,000yen-10,500yen/hour according to a course you teach.)
including a withholing tax
4. ALL transportation fees are covered.

Part-Time English Teachers


Are you living or commuting in Ebisu, Shinjuku, Akasaka, Shibuya, Meguro, Gotanda, Ikebukuro, Roppongi area and other Tokyo vicinitiy and Yokohama, Kanagawa area?
We "Bayside English" are looking for experienced English teachers
with business experiences as well as teaching skills.

You can teach Business English and daily conversation at cafes or student's offices.

If you have some special skills or knowledge,
we can arrange a new class for you.
Do not hesitate to contact us and you will arrange an interview with you.

As our students are business people, board members of companies, university researchers/lectureres, Ikebukuro, embassy staff, Japanese musicians and comedians etc.,
they are very eager to improve their English abilities and business skills in English
such as presentations, phone conversations, meetings, negotiations, job interviews, writing reports and so on.

1. An English instructor who live in Tokyo or Yokohama area.
2. A person who has a mobile phone and Internet access.
3. A person who can work at cafes and student's offices.
4 With business experiences (Preferably more than 3 years)
5. Appropriate Visa
6. If you have some special skills or experiences like arts, cooking, craft, dance, yoga etc., we can open a new class for you.
7. Trial period: 4 weeks after starting a lesson.
8. You will be paid to your Japanese bank account every 10th of the Month.
9. Part time or full time.
10. A sincere and honest person.

If there is anything unclear, please contact us by email to .

*To the English-speaking teachers*

Most Japanese students come to the language classroom with the expectation that turning up and remembering what the teacher says is all that will be required of them. If only teaching English were a simple matter of 'giving' students laguage, ours would be an easy job indeed!

Unfortunately, of course, it is not. The real challenge of our profession lie in persuading students to adop a more active approach to study, convincing them of the need to take responsibility for their own learning, and showing them how to do both of these things.

Another problem is dealing with the students' lack of understanding about what they will need to do to achieve their goals. Many people in Japan pay huge sums of money to conversation schools, but speak Japanese to each other until the teacher walks through the door and then again the second he or she leaves. What is truly remarkable is that they cannot see why they don't make any progress!

The aim of our school is to make Japanese students re-think the way they approach English as well as to teach them real Business English.
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